2001 - 2010

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AVA 033 - Brainflower and Shoy Torn - The Pale Rider


style: industrial / power-noise

format: 8 track E.P.

release: 12.06.2009!

info: roger alvarez and the noisecreators shoy torn present a wild mix of rythmic noisy industrial and full energized hardtechno. the plot of this mixery is a strictly cut of two parts within these new e.p. part one contains an opener and the title named track in three mixes (also a remix by titan blanche), part two is much more difficult in harsh rythmic and dark industrial-noise.









welt 017 - Café Balzac


style: industrial-noise / dark-ambient

format: 8 track album

release: 19.06.2009!

info: Café Balzac is the new project formed by thorsten knipp which has made a big creative sleep within the last two years. his new project follows the highly recommended paths of the earlier postmartial epic project Oradour Honour. and with this debut-album shows knipp that the new forms of dark and destructive soundscapes between melancholic spheres and harsh noisy rythms can also enter the temple of his furious past project. listen to that sound and be prisoned in this world of darkness and hate!









AVA 031 / 032 - Titan Blanche - The Flying Circus / 80's Death Fuck


style: techno / electro / nu-industrial

format: CD album & 2 CD limited edition

release: 13.02.2009!

info: her debut 'guts of a virgin' was inspired by the techno-trance sounds of the early and mid 90ies. now she have left the path of this musical culture. her new album contains the harsh and straight rave-electro-scapes which was pre-listened by her exclusive compilation-songs like 'garden of love' (versus˛). the limited edition contains a special bonus disc and will be released in a handmade cover of 55 items.







>> artist / label news:


- The second part of GERHARD REUSS' - trilogy "Glaube-Liebe-Hoffnung" called 'Esra' and will be released in summer 2010.

- STURMLICHT Vol. V is under construction.

- The highlight of hardcore-industrial: new album by KREUZBUND !

- Zoghua Datex' new album has completed !

- THE SCIENCE OF NOWHERE will release the sound material from the 'Kinder'-project which was recorded in 2004/05.