Metamorphosen im Untergrund

































c/o Knipp

Ramonville Str. 2

61184 Karben


> you.r Favs 2010:


Top 5 Album:


1. Titan Blanche - The flying circus (AVA 031)

2. Café Balzac (welt 17)

3. Oradour Honour - Grauzone (welt 14)

4. Brainflower and Shoy torn - The pale rider (AVA 033)

5. Gerhard Reuss - Maria voll der Gnaden (welt 13)



Top 5 Track:


1. Titan Blanche - Shaved angels (Guts of a virgin, AVA 018)

2. The burning moon - La Lula (Zenith) (AVA 009)

3. Gerhard Reuss vs. Target Zytokine - Track 6 (Versus, AVA 016)

4. Nordwind - Unter Null (Wellness & Warfare, AVA 003)

5. The science of nowhere - Die toten Vaeter (Ars moriendi, AVA 004)



> History:


AVALON tontraeger was founded in spring 2001. it should be a forum for abstract noise art, harsh electronics and experimental techno. our releases was handmade and made with love. because of the limited releases we prefered CD-R. the artwork was a part of our concept and all releases should be designed in cooperation with our artists.

the first album on AVALON tontraeger was 'Nordwind's - Distortion Lounge. released on 21st of Sept. 2001. in January 2002 we released our first label compilation 'Sturmlicht Vol. 1' and are called as 'hopeful label' (Orkus Music-Magazine).

in April 2002 we found our sublabel Weltfunk Musik. it's the base for dark ambient music and harsh industrial-noise. the debut release was the album 'Bollock nort' from label founder Thorsten Knipp.

because of five years AVALON tontraeger we have made our own gift with the 4-Disc Platinum Edition of the 'Sturmlicht IV'-Compilation in September 2006. the Compilation contains 60 tracks. disc 4 was full of exclusive tracks. it was a strictly limited release of 55 copies!

in October 2006 we change the status of our labelfamily and found the KLANGKUNST group which contains AVALON tontraeger, Weltfunk Musik and Klangkunst Retro, the sublabel for all our rereleases.



> Demo FAQ_


please send us a demo-CD or -CD-R with tracklisting and some informations about your band or project. we want no mp3-files! we are an underground label and offer a special form of electronic music. we need no music-files or demos which not confirmed with our philosophy and our represented style. please note because we must listen to all records which reached us and regularly we will give a feedback to all artists. if you don't hear something after three months your material was not interesting to us. if we are interested in your sound and style in any way (exampling for a compilation or split-release) we will contact you!



> Facts:


AVALON tontraeger, Weltfunk Musik and KLANGKUNST RETRO are trademarks of the KLANGKUNST group.

contact: KLANGKUNST, c/o. Knipp, Ramonville Str. 2, 61184 Karben,


the copyright of the sounds and mp3-files, the layout and design including graphics, pics and lyrics by the label or specially named person or copyright owner.



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